Saturday, November 29th, 2014

Gray’s Summer World Cultures

General Resources

  • The library has added several books on contemporary China. Be sure to look in our catalog,which you can search from the box on the right.
  • EbscoHost Web, a selection of different databases, will have information on most, if not all, of your topics. They are good general databases and will be a good starting point for you. When you choose Ebsco, you have the ability to create a folder which you can use to store articles that you want to look at when you're at home. Ebsco also can format your article in MLA style when you are ready to create your bibliography. There are several databases within Ebsco that will help you – Student Research Center, EbscoHost Web's MAS Ultra, Science Reference Center, TopicSearch and others.
  • Newsbank is a current newspaper database, with papers from around the world.
  • CQ Researcher has an issue titled Emerging China which, while from an American point of view, covers many of the topics you can select. You can also try CQ Global Researcher, which is more of an international viewpoint and may have information on your topics.
  • For quick information on the nuclear question, try World Geography's world news section.
  • Several eBooks from the Gale Virtual Library cover topics on your list.
  • A website dedicated to information on Asia is Asia Source.

Historical Resources

Two good sources for historical background information are Country Studies from the Library of Congress and Background Notes from the State Department. Remember – if you use our databases from home, you'll need to log in to First Class for the usernames and passwords!

Help For Writing Your Paper

  • For your bibliography, try Noodletools. Be sure to choose MLA Advanced as you work your way through their questions.
  • The Online Writing Lab (OWL), from Purdue University, offers tips on writing your paper and formatting your bibliography/works cited pages.

China Paper Resources

  • China's Military: From the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, an assessment of China's military power and policies. Another current article from RealClearWorld, a site that gathers articles, op-eds and more from around the country.
  • Reality TV in China: From CNN International, an article on dating shows in China. And a follow-up covering reactions to the same shows from the New York Times. For a slightly older article on reality tv in China, try this one, from the The Atlantic Magazine. Another possibility is this one from China Daily, which features an article on a director of several reality shows (you can search the titles of the shows).
  • The Panda and the Environment: A recent article discussing the panda's habitat.
  • The Crane and the Environment: The Siberian Crane Wetland Project has links to documents, reports and other sites covering the issues related to this topic. A second link, from the International Crane Foundation, takes you to a page that covers their efforts in China.
  • Three Gorges Dam: A three-part series from NPR covering different aspects of the dam.
  • China and Tibet: Global Issues in Context's China portal has articles looking at several issues in this conflict.
  • China's One-Child Policy: Global Issues In Context, one of our subscription databases has a portal to many, many resources on this topic.
  • China and North Korea: Global Issues in Context's China portal has a section on this relationship.
  • China and Japan: The BBC News page takes a look at the relations between China and Japan historically and in the present day.
  • China and the Internet: Yale Global has several articles for you. This article, from The Council on Foreign Relations, is on the media in general and includes information and links to more articles about the internet in China. Global Issues in Context's China portal lists Google and China as one of the subsections.
  • China and the Global Economic Meltdown's Impact on Manufacturing and Trade:
  • China in Africa: Yale Global has articles on the topic. On NPR's home page, search for China. You'll get many, many results.Try this series on "China and the World" and this one on China in Africa.
  • China in Latin America: Yale Global also has articles on this one. And again, on NPR's home page, search for China. You'll get many, many results.Try this series on "China and the World" and this one on China in Africa.
  • The Growth of the Chinese Middle Class: If you go to Marketplace's home page, you can search for stories on China, and you'll find several on the new economy and the rise of the middle class.
  • China's Water Shortage: A recent Washington Post article. Yale Global covers this one, too.
  • China and Hong Kong: Global Issues in Context's China portal is good for this topic – it is listed as a subsection.
  • Chinese and Western Business Relations:
  • Foreign Adoption Issues: The BBC recently published a short article about this issue.
  • Piracy and Ethics: If you go to Marketplace's home page, you can search for stories on China. Yale Global, too.
  • The Growing Number of Cars and the Impact of Increased Traffic: Global Issues in Context's China portal has a subsection on carbon dioxide, which should discuss the car issue.
  • Urbanization: This six-part series, from PRI's "The World" program is from 2008, but provides a great overview of the issue in several cities. You can listen to the podcasts and read the transcripts.
  • Wal-Mart in China: Wal-Mart's corporate page is a place to start, but be aware of point-of-view. If you go to Marketplace's home page,you'll find other stories.
  • Fast Food in China: This link takes you to an article from The Economist on fast food in China. Also check company pages for their take on China. Yum! Brands, Inc., parent company of KFC and Pizza Hut, has a page on their China Division. Others may take some digging. Here's one on McDonald's from MSNBC
  • Starbucks in China: Starbucks' corporate page tells their version of history. If you go to Marketplace's home page, you can search for other stories on coffee/Starbucks in China
  • China's Space Program: Articles on China's emerging space program, including information on it's impact on the United States and the relationships China is forming with other nations are found on Another place to look for information on China's space program is's page.
  • The Impact of Economic Development on the Environment: An article from Geodate – it might download as a PDF.

Japanese Culture Project Resources

Geisha: One of many articles from the Yamasa Student Network in Japan on "Things Japanese." Tea Ceremony: An extensive site for information on the tea ceremony. Not much information on who is behind it, though. Cuteness in Japanese Culture: You might start with this one, from Businessweek Online. And another from MSNBC. And one from The Age, an Australian newspaper. Cherry Blossom: A site we wouldn't normally use, but for this topic, it will work – it's a site for tourists looking for English speaking shops. Ikebana: Use this link for the Ikebana International website, which covers the history and more. Sumo: This link takes you to the Information page on the official website of the Japan Sumo Association. And this page is from an English language newsletter for students in Japan. Kaiseki: Several articles discuss this topic. From The Los Angeles Times (through ProQuest), here's an article titled "Divine Design."   And from The Atlantic, with photos and a chart. Japanese Wedding – Nakodo: If you search nakodo on The Japan Times website, you'll find several articles about the modern and traditional versions. Here is a discussion that covers the traditional version. Japanese Electronic Game Culture: This chapter of an ebook the library has is about video game culture in Asia, including Japan. The link is to the first page – you'll have to advance page-by-page from there. And here is a short article on the state of video arcades in Japan. Karaoke: This article covers the development of karaoke. This one is newer, and covers some of the more recent developments. Finally, a blog post. Not the usual source we'd list here, but it has a great summary of the rules for karaoke and there is a link to a second helpful post at the bottom. which compares Japanese and U.S. style karaoke. Yakuza: There are plenty of articles in Ebsco, but here is one from an annual survey on international law. You may have to click on the download link to see more than the abstract.