Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Gray’s India

India: Rising Tiger

Online Databases

  • The library may have some books that will help you. Take a look in our catalog, which you can search from the box on the right.
  • EbscoHost Web, a selection of different databases, will have information on most, if not all, of your topics. They are good general databases and will be a good starting point for you. When you choose Ebsco, you have the ability to create a folder which you can use to store articles that you want to look at when you’re at home. Ebsco also can format your article in MLA style when you are ready to create your bibliography. There are several databases within Ebsco that will help you – Student Research Center, EbscoHost Web’s MAS Ultra, Science Reference Center, TopicSearch and others.
  • Newsbank is a current newspaper database, with papers from around the world.
  • CQ Global Researcher has an issue titled India Rising which covers some of your topics. CQ Researcher has an earlier issue, from 2002, titled Emerging India which, while from an American point of view, has some information. You should also look at the bibliography for leads to other sources.
  • For quick information on many of your topics, try World Geography.
  • For your bibliography, try Noodletools. Be sure to choose MLA Advanced as you work your way through their questions.
  • The Online Writing Lab (OWL), from Purdue University, offers tips on writing your paper and formatting your bibliography/works cited pages.

Remember – if you use our databases from home, you’ll need to log in to First Class for the usernames and passwords!

Historical Resources

Two good sources for historical background information are Country Studies from the Library of Congress and Background Notes from the State Department.

Other Online Sources

The Economic Times and Times of India (both part of indiatimes online), have articles that will help you in your research.

The Economist is a great source for your research.

Center for Strategic and International Studies covers several of your topics.

Yale Global is an online publication focused on the growning interconnectedness of the world. There are articles here on several of your topics.

India Real Time is a blog from the Wall Street Journal that covers all kinds of topics related to India.



Miscellaneous Sources

Current History is a journal that prints an entire issue on India and its neighbors every year. The library has this source in print (we are working on updating our online profile to allow access through the web).