Saturday, November 22nd, 2014


The library has added several collections of ebooks lately. Some are reference and can be viewed by an unlimited number of people at any time. Others are to be checked out and can be used by only one person at a time. To use them off-campus, you will need to use the password list.


Gale Virtual Reference Library – This is a collection of reference books (as you might guess from the title!) You'll find material on all subjects here, from history to science to religion. You can search the whole collection or selected titles. These books are also linked in our catalog, so if you do a search on your topic and see something that says ebook, there should be a link that takes you to the book.

Project Muse – We have added nearly one thousand ebooks through Project Muse. When you do a search, you have the option of seeing books, journals, or both. You can also check a box (on the left side of the page) to limit your results to only items we can access. Our collections in Project Muse are titles published by over 70 scholarly presses in history, film, theater and performing arts since 2010. At the moment, Project Muse is only available on campus, but you can download chapters in PDF format for use at home.

ABC-Clio ebooks – From this publisher, we have a small collection of titles on pop culture, primarily, with a couple of of other topics thrown in, like the World Cookbook for Students.

Encyclopedia of Popular Music – A single title from Oxford University Press, covering all genres and periods of popular music from 1900 to the present day, including jazz, country, folk, rap, reggae, techno, musicals, and world music.

Literature Criticism Online – Another product from Gale, this is the electronic version of their massive collection of literary criticism. We used to refer to these as the "big brown books" that took up several sections of shelving in our library. Now we have the entire collection, and it takes up no space on our shelves. And it is cross-searchable, meaning you don't have to go to each set (CLC, TCLC, NLC, etc.) to find your information.

Salem History, Salem Literature and Salem Science - Several of our print sources from Salem are also available online. These include Great Lives From History, Great Events in History, Milestone Documents, Forensic Science and a few others.

Social Issues In America – from M.E. Sharpe. This title explores historical and contemporary aspects of more than 170 hotly contested issues confronting American society.

Fiction, Popular Non-Fiction and Downloadable Audiobooks

Axis 360  – is our collection of ebooks and audiobooks that you can "check out" onto your own device. You can use this on any laptop (mac or pc), Android or iOS device. You can also use a Kindle Fire. You borrow the book from the library and in three weeks it will disappear. You will need to download an app or a PDF/ePub reader to read/listen to the books you choose. Links for all three can be found on the Axis 360 page. You can see what we have by going to our Axis 360 site or by searching the catalog. You can search for a specific title or you can search under Axis 360 ebook or Axis 360 audiobook. If you find something in the catalog, you will be able to check out the book from there, using the download button. All you need is your Lovett ID#, which is your library card number. Your pin is the last four numbers of your ID or 1111. If you go to the Axis 360 page (the Magic Wall), you will check out using this combination: lions and your Lovett ID (all lower case, no spaces). Your pin is your ID. This collection is more fiction than non-fiction, but includes many of the books you are required to read for your classes (in case you leave home without your print copy!). We will be adding to it every month, so please ask if there is something you'd like us to have in this format. We'll see if it is available – if it is, we'll get it. If not, we'll put it on our wishlist for you.

For basic instructions, please download the following files:

For iOS Devices

For Android Devices

For Kindle Fire Devices


Ereaders – We have several Nook ereaders that may be checked out of the library. You can view what is available by searching the catalog for Nook. Middle School students will be allowed to borrow the Nooks designated for MS only. Upper School students may borrow US or MS Nooks. Again, if there is something you'd like us to add, just ask and we'll see what we can do.