Day 24 – April 29, 2012

This Sunday we all decided to get together and play in Room 200 for the last time before our performance day. It was great. Although Sarah couldn’t make it because she had made plans to be in Virginia this weekend, we all still got together. It was another great rehearsal. We ran through our set list and had a lot of fun explaining to each other how we are going to play it live. We planned where we would set up and how it would go. We had a great time putting it together. The performance is now here and we are all really excited! We are finally done putting together our performance and can’t wait to see how it goes!

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Day 20 – April 24, 2012

Today was another great day of working. We are working better and better as a group. Each member has really fell into their position and we are all coming together as a group. The only problem we have now is complaints. When we started this project we knew it was going to be difficult finding a place to play. The more we play, the more complaints we get. We knew this was going to happen, but now the old middle school has had enough or listening to us play. This will be difficult for us to overcome because we are now going to have to face a schedule and deal with the noise.


On the positive side, we are looking good for April 30. We worked really hard today on perfecting our songs. We did a great job on flowing through the songs and making them all sound really good. Right now we are making the performance exciting for all of us. We came up with this plan after studying each song and the feel that each song has on the audience. We wanted to balance out the performance with originals that we wrote and covers of different songs that we have done. So after much discussion between the group we decided on this list.

Our Setlist looks like this.

  1. Somewhere Different Than You
  2. When The Feeling Goes Away

Jam Session 1

  1. It’s Not Worth It
  2. Tallboy
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Day 19 – April 23, 2012

We had another great day of working. We have kept having great days of work for a long time. We stay on track and love the songs we are playing. We haven’t had any days were we get off track. We just play our songs over and over at this point and they all are coming together really well. They sound great and everything is looking good. We are going to start focusing on some older songs now and looking at how we are going to play the songs (the setlist). Our song list looks like Somewhere Different Than You, It’s Not Worth It, Sweet Home Alabama, When The Feeling Goes Away, and Tallboy. Later in the day during break, our group finalized the set list! We have exactly what we are going to play and when. It is a great list and makes it easy on everything. This makes it easy to practice cause we can just run through it! Good day of practicing.

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Day 18 – April 20, 2012

Friday the 20th, was another great day. We started by going over our songs again. We want to make sure that our two original songs sound great and are perfect. When we perform them, we want them to flow and not have any breaks. These songs were definitely the most challenging for us. We never have to much trouble with covers, but with our originals they have brought us the most conflict. The originals take the most work and can become very confusing. With covers, we can flow through those because it usually doesn’t take Cyrus long to figure them out and then the rest of us easily jump on his back. Now that we have gotten our two originals down, we are going to have a lot of fun putting together some awesome covers for everyone in the concert. Hope everyone has a good weekend. I’ll make sure to put some videos up next week!

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Day 17 – April 19, 2012

Today was all around great. We all agreed to listen to a song called When The Feeling Goes Away last night and come in today to work on it. So last night I spent an hour listening to the song and getting the melody down. Today when we walked in I went to the chorus room and got an AUX plug and plugged Mason’s computer into the amp so that it played out of it. That way we could play and sing to the actual song with it being loud enough against us playing and singing. The song turned out great for each of us. It is a great song to sing because it’s perfectly in my range while also stretching me up to my higher notes. We then worked really hard on our two original songs and got them down. We spent a good amount of time making sure that our original two songs sounded good and flowed correctly. We then went back to When The Feeling Goes Away and played it on our owns with out the assistance of the AUX plug. It sounded great again and we’re having a lot of fun perfecting this song. This is going to be another great one to play for everyone on April the 30th. Things are getting better and better and we are learning a lot about each other while working under stressful situations. It shows that we can really work together when one day we are all arguing over different things, and then the next we can come out and have a rehearsal like we did. I wish we had recorded it because it sounded really good. For the rest of the day, Sarah and I are going to continue to focus on writing a new song that she came up with. It will be really interesting to hear how this one comes out. I hope we have enough time to put it with instruments, but with us only having such little time to work together who knows. I hope we get it put together on the weekends. Everything’s looking good right now. We are looking forward to a great concert on the 30th!

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Day 16 – April 18, 2012

Today was very frustrating. We got work done, but we didn’t work very well together. Probably because of the rain and the bad weather, but we have to learn how to communicate better within the group. Some people in the group have trouble staying on task, but it was just one of those days. We still were able to get our work done, it was just a long day of work. We will get it together better if we can communicate better with each other. We also picked out a few new covers that we want to do. We are going to work on them at home and get them down so that the next time we come together to work we will have it down. Just a frustrating day.

For the rest of the day, Sarah and I are starting a new song! It is a slow mellow song that has rich harmonies in it. It flows well and has several times where the tempo changes so it will be challenging to figure out how to make it flow well. We want it to be heavily influenced by acoustic with a piano and light drums. The main focus of this song is going to be broken down and then brought back up through self determination. I can already tell this is going to be somewhat of a personal song for Sarah so I’m interested in how it is going to come out.

For now I’m going to start focusing on that song and then I’m going to look at some covers that will be fun to do with the group. Our group loves doing fun covers that get us off track, so finding our group a song that is challenging and will keep us focused while also getting a really fun song that makes us excited is a great idea. We are going to have a great final project. We just need to keep working hard. Hard days like this are going to happen with a group of people, but the trick is getting through it. We’ll be fine, just a long day.

Our songs are really coming together. The two are almost perfect just a few slip ups here and there. They will be perfect soon and then we will put together some covers and have a really cool set list to play from for the performance on April 30. I think everyone will enjoy it. There is going to be a mix of country, classical, pop, and reggae. It will be a good day to be out in the plaza.

My computer has been a little out of commision with photobooth, but I promise I’ll have a video of us playing on here soon!

Ever wonder what we do during the period while we have writing block? Check it out!


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Day 14 – April 16, 2012

Today was a very productive day, but it wasn’t really a fun day. We had to do a lot of grunt work that we had not yet done, but I feel like as a group we handled it really well and pushed through it. We have not had to sit on a single part of a song and punch out notes since working together this summer, but in order to get this song down we have to. So for two periods of the day, our group sat there while we worked on the bridge making sure that each of our parts knew exactly what was going on. We would take a break here and there by playing other songs just to give us a break from the punching of notes, but we ended the day much further on the bridge of the song than when we started that day. We want “It’s Not Worth It” to be an instrumental song so that Cyrus, Mason, and Brooks have fun messing around during the whole song doing what they want and getting it done instead of doing the usual of backing up vocals. This song will definitely have a heavy impact on the instruments. Tomorrow on the 17, Sarah and I are going to start writing a new song. We aren’t sure what it will be about, but we are going to post a video of what it looks like trying to write a song. Our frustration will probably make you laugh, hope you enjoy it!

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Day 13 – April 15, 2012

Yep, prom was last night and it was amazing, but I’ve got some work to do for the senior project. For the next three hours I’m going to sit in my room and listen to the songs and try to catch mistakes and places where I feel the lyrics can be stronger. It means a lot to me that when the person listening to your song hears your lyrics they think about them and understand them. I feel like this is an important factor that I need to work on in song writing. So since I am exhausted from Prom there is nothing better to do than to play these recording sit in my room and write down comments and work on lyrics! Hope everyone had a great Prom!

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Day 12 – April 13, 2012

Friday the 13 went very well for our senior project. We got a lot of work done of forming “Somewhere Different Than You” to perfection. It has come a long way and it a lot of fun to play with the band. Each member of the band has pretty much gotten their part down with the song and there’s only a little bit left to do with them before its perfect. I’ll bring a good quality camera to school on Monday so that I can capture a great video of us playing it and post it on here. “It’s Not Worth It” is really coming along as well. We have gotten a lot of the parts down as well and are having a lot of fun getting it where each member has it down. Each song has really gone far and we are all excited to play them at “A” day lunch on April 30. See everyone on Monday!

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Day 11 – April 12, 2012

Today was another great day. The entire beginning of the day was focused on Sarah and I writing lyrics. It took us all morning and into the afternoon, but we finished the lyrics to the chorus of “It’s Not Worth It.” It took a couple hours of singing to ourselves and throwing small objects around the room in frustration, but we finished it. Towards the end of the day we began to put it with the instruments. Everything flowed well, but we only got one period with the band to work with both songs, so we didn’t get as much work in as I hoped for today, but tomorrow will help a lot. We worked really hard on the lyrics today, but tomorrow is going to be a lot of music playing. We started talking at the end about doing a cover and I think it would be a lot of fun to throw some covers into the mix too. Everything’s looking good so far!

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