EZ eBook Checkout

It is now easier than EVER to check out ebooks!

You can still check out ebooks from the Magic Wall using the method described here. And you will want to set up a Blio account before downloading your first book.

But here is the new super easy way to check out an ebook:

1. Go to the library catalog on your device.

2. Search for a book.

3. If we have the book as an "electronic resource" you will see a "Download" button. Click on "Download."

4. Log in to your library account. Your library card number is the same as your student account number. Your pin is just the last four digits of your account number. 

5. You can download the book for Blio or ePub. It will download straight to your device and will automatically return after 21 days. 

The Milner Award 2014

Vote for Your Favorite Author 

2014 Milner Award for Children’s Literature! 


It is time to vote for the Milner Award for Children’s Literature! 

Judy Blume was the first winner in 1983 and each year since elementary school kids in 

the City of Atlanta and Fulton County have voted for their favorite living author. Recent 

winners include Rick Riordan, Dan Gutman, and Kate DiCamillo! Last year over 1800 

children participated in an amazing program with the 2013 winner Jeff Kinney! Each year 

the winning author comes to Atlanta for a special program, speaking to kids about life as 

You are encouraged to join the 4,000+ elementary school kids that vote each year! 


Here’s How it Works:

• Children vote once for their favorite author by April 1 each year

• Vote by ballot or online here 

• Author must be living and cannot have won before (see list on below and on website)

• Your Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System children’s librarian has info and ballots

• The school with the most votes will be given front, center seating and one lucky student will present the award to the winning author for the fall program


Help instill a love of reading by voting for your favorite author!

30 Years of Milner Award Winners

2013 Jeff Kinney

2012 Dan Gutman

2011 Rick Riordan 

2010 Kate DiCamillo

2009 Margie Palatini

2008 David Shannon

2007 Megan McDonald

2006 Laura Numeroff

2005 Helen Lester

2004 Eloise Greenfield

2003 Betsy Byars

2002 Debbie Dadey & 

 Marcia Thornton Jones

2001 Mary Pope Osborne

1999/2000 Connie Porter

1998 Jerry Spinelli

1997 Betsy Duffey

1996 Tomie dePaola

1995 R.L. Stine

1994 Joanna Cole

1993 Matt Christopher

1992 Barthe DeClements

1991 Marc Brown

1990 Louis Sachar

1989 John Steptoe

1988 Francine Pascal

1987 Lois Lowry

1986 Barbara Park

1985 Paula Danziger

1984 Peggy Parish

1983 Judy Blume

Henry Cole

Author/Illustrator Henry Cole is coming to Lovett on Friday February 7! He will speak to Kindergarten through 3rd grade students in the Dorothy Floyd Library. You can learn more about him and see some of his artwork on his website: http://www.henrycole.net/



Style in the Library

When Jeff Anderson visited Lovett in February, he recommended The Chicago Manual of Style as a resource for teachers. You can now find a copy on the Reference shelf in the Dorothy Floyd Library!



Some fun facts on forming possessives from the Manual of Style as paraphrased and exemplified by Mrs. Nelson:

  • The possessive of most singular nouns is formed by adding an apostrophe and an s. "Mrs. Nelson's class." 
  • The possessive of most plural nouns (except for irregulars) is formed by adding an apostrophe only. "The Nelsons' party."
  • This rule applies to proper nouns and names, even those that end in s, and even classical names that end in the eez sound. "Socrates's class."
  • But what about plain old nouns that end in s? They abide by the first rule. "Mrs. Nelson's class's favorite book is Weasel."
  • Chicago does say there is an alternative practice of adding only an apostrophe to words that end in s. "Though easy to apply and economical, such usage disregards pronunciation and is therefore not recommended by Chicago" (pg 355). So you can say, "Mrs. Nelson's class' favorite book is Weasel." But it is not recommended. 

As someone who loves to see a connection between sound and sense, I'm with Chicago on having apostrophe usage match pronunciation. Whether or not you agree, I invite you to come to the library and geek out with me over this grammatical tome.   

Games in the Library

Jeepers Peepers


The library has just added a new board game to our collection: Jeepers Peepers

In this game, a player wears the glasses and inserts a card into the slot (on top of the glasses) without looking at the card. Then the player asks yes or no questions of the other players until he or she can guess what is on the card. More advanced versions of game-play are included in the box.

Jeepers Peepers is recommended for students in grades Kindergarten and up. It can be used to support inquiry lessons – teaching the importance of asking the right questions. By playing this game students can also practice describing objects effectively and categorization. 

The library also owns:




Number Chase

Number Chase


Castle Knights

Castle Knights








All of these games are available for teachers to check out and use with their classes. If you would like suggestions on using games to teach various parts of the curriculum talk to Mrs. Nelson!

November 9, 2012 Walk to School Day



A note from Mrs. Baldwin:

Friday, November 9 is Walk to School/Green Commute Day.

If you and your child would like to walk to school, but need to drive to an area closer to school, please plan to carpool to the Cochise parking lot, if at all possible. Reducing the number of cars driving to Lovett is an important aspect of this initiative. Please refrain from parking at Canoe or dropping children off at North Brookwood! For more details, please read the email blast sent to families and/or the Lovett webpage.


eBook Instructions for Parents

1. Download the Blio app onto your Windows, Android, or iOS device. You can download it from the Blio website (https://www.blio.com/), iTunes, or the app store.

2. Set up an account with Blio. You will have a Blio username and password.

3. Go to the DFL ebook page: http://dfl.axis360.baker-taylor.com/

4. Click on a book to see more details.

a) You can click on “Checkout Now” to immediately go to checkout. You will get the book for the default of 21 days.  - From here, go to step 5.


b) You can click on “Add to Checkout List” to keep looking at books. You can add as many books as you want to your checkout list, but you will only be able to check one three at a time.

1) When you are done click on “My Checkout List” on the top right hand corner of the screen.

2) Decide which books (up to three) you will check out and remove all the other books from the list. (Hint: If you want to save a list of books you may want in the future, or books that are currently checked out, you can put them in a “Wish List.”)

3) If you do not want to have a book for 21 days, you can decrease the lending period by sliding the bar left.

4) Click on “Confirm Checkout.” - From here, go to step 5.

5. You will be asked for a Library Card ID and Pin. Your ID is cubs##### (##### is your child's student ID number). Your pin is just your child’s student ID number.

6. The first time you log in you will be asked to register a new account. Use an email address that belongs to a parent, rather than the student.

7. Next you will be asked for your Blio username and password. Fill in the appropriate fields.

8. You have checked out the book! Go to the Blio app and click on the book to download it onto your device. Now you are ready to read!

World Water Day

March 22 is World Water Day. You can celebrate by being thankful for the clean water you have to drink and by doing what you can to save water today and every day. Here are some great books on water conservation:

Gail Gibbons

Author Gail Gibbons will be visiting The Lovett School on Thursday, March 3rd.



She will be talking to 4th and 5th grade from 8:45 to 9:30 am, 2nd and 3rd grade from 10:00 to 10:45 am, and Kindergarten and 1st grade from 12:30 to 1:15 pm.