The joys of teaching.

While it has certainly been a lazy day, I have still spent time thinking about my project and about teaching. I now look at this as a possible career, at least something that I would be willing to try with an organization like Teach For America. A couple of years ago, I did not have any interest in this career path. Even a few weeks ago, I was not nearly as interested in it as I am now. I’m constantly brought back to a quote from the documentary “Waiting For Superman.” A female teacher says something along the lines of, “You come home everyday and just hope you somehow made a difference.” This quote hit me at the time I first saw the documentary at Sundance, but it’s even more significant now. Part of me can now relate. I do go home everyday now and reflect on whether or not I made a difference. There’s many differences that a teacher might be able to make. Perhaps it’s just pushing a kid to work harder, or being a friend at the lunch table, or getting a child to share poetry with the class. Each day, I find some success to reflect on when the day is done. Some part of me feels like I made a small difference. It’s a very rewarding feeling that I hope to feel every day during this project.

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